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I realized something. Makoto as a baby is literally shy around everyone else but Haru. That’s why it’s so important to him to do things with Haru, because he knows Haru supports him and he can be himself and comfortable and FUCK MY TEARS. Makoharu has been canon for years

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO DO THE SO FAR GONE ART?! BECAUSE IT'S STUNNING AND I'M AMAZED. AMAZED! It's fantastic and I literally could not compliment it enough if I tried. Seriously amazing.

hmm i’m not really sure? i just did it whenever i had time over the span of 2 weeks. ah no i’m already very grateful for what you’ve said, it’s more than i deserve!! thank you once again q v q


Roommates AU: In which Rin accidentally walks in on Makoto while he’s changing, and that’s on the first day they room together. 

Having a roommate should’t be too different than living alone, especially since they’d both agreed to make themselves comfortable and not tip toe around each other. So Rin doesn’t think twice - or even once - before bursting into the room like he owned the place. 

"Rin! D- don’t stare…" Makoto struggles to mumble, face slowly flushing red when Rin fails to respond. He doesn’t even realize his eyes wandered. 

"Why are you covering your chest?" Rin spits out, for the sakes of batting away the thought of him unconsciously or consciously checking out his roommate’s junk. What’s the big deal? He’d seen Makoto in the changing room many times when they were kids. 

"Makoto, there’s no difference between this and your swimsuit." Although Rin’s not too sure if he’s convincing Makoto or himself. 

It’s just something about underwear that seems a little bit too intimate. Maybe it’s the obvious knowledge that Makoto’s a thin layer away from being stark naked. Yea, that should be filed under ‘things I should not be thinking about my roommate’. 

It’s only when Makoto shivers that Rin realizes that the door is still open. He turns to close it, taking the opportunity to regain his composure. They can’t both be a blushing mess.

"Don’t worry, I sleep in my boxers so we’ll be even". He attempts to play it off like the whole situation isn’t even worth worrying about. And it worked, he convinces himself, until Makoto throws them both in disarray again. 


Still blushing. Still very much almost naked. 

And Rin sighs. This is only their first day. 


HQ version of the Free! Premium Shop’s “boyfriends” official art lol
600dpi version here

I’m glad that you still intend to fight.

plz draw more mermaid!makoharu

ahah i’m pretty sure i will, don’t know when though!