Preview of my entry for the Free! BL Artbook “A sight you’ve never seen before” ! 

It was so fun to draw these two together 


makochibana asked a question
Ahhhh Frites, but can you imagine if Makoto sleeps on the futon but still awkwardly reaches up to grab Haru (who sleeps very close to the edge of the bed so that Makoto can feel he is there) and he stays like that until he dozes off and his arm falls down

-Yes. YES! Except what if Makoto doesn’t let go.
So they choose to sleep together to avoid that problem.


Dayum Senketsu, you make a pretty hot dude.



No but really when you start geeking out about something your cuteness level goes up like 10000% like I dont care if its chemistry or pokemon when you get really excited about something and I can see you totally love it its really fuckin attractive ok ok


Karma hits 3rd year nitori aiichirou hard in the form of a bright eyed first year named bowlcut-kun


"Haru can’t know bout this. He’d think we were desecrating the pool."